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Six meanings for the word ‘evolution’ 


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Six meanings for the word 'evolution.'


We like science. We are not against science, but I am against poison mixed in with the science, That's all. Here is a first grade textbook. I'll show you what I am talking about. This is what they tell the kids in the first grade. “Earth has changed much since its formation 4½ billion years ago.” Now just hold on a minute. Is the earth 4½ billion years old? No, as we'll see in a minute. But if you tell that to a first grader, he's gonna believe you. First graders believe everything you tell them. They believe bananas are moldy spider legs. I did. And they tell them again in the second grade. “Since its formation 4½ billion years ago, earth has changed.” Down at the bottom it says: “ too, has evolved on earth.” This word ‘evolved’ is a very tricky word.


I've done over 90 debates and about 7,000 radio and TV call-in talk shows, and I've learned how to win the debate on evolution in the first five minutes. It is so easy. If somebody says: “Do you believe in evolution?” I say: “What do you mean?” - “Well, you know, evolution.” - “No, which one are you talking about?”


There are six meanings for the word:


One, Are we talking about cosmic evolution, evolution of time, space, matter? I don't believe in that, with the big bang. We'll talk about that in a minute.


Two, Are we talking about chemical evolution? Because according to the big bang theory, the big bang, you know, kaboom..., produced hydrogen, and maybe some helium. Then how did we get all these other elements? Do you want me to believe uranium evolved from hydrogen? They'll say, well yeah, you have fusion in stars. Yeah, but you can't fuse past iron (Fe) very well. Number 2, you have a chicken and an egg problem here, because you have to have the stars to make the elements, and the elements to make the stars. Which one came first?


Three, Which brings up, of course, stellar evolution. How did the stars form? You know, nobody has ever seen a star form? Scientists don't even have a clue how a star could form, not even any good theories about star formation, we cover more on that on video #7. But we see stars blow up all the time. It's called a nova, or a super nova if it is a big one. That happens all the time. But we never see one form. And yet there are enough stars out there that we know about that everybody on planet earth, every single individual, can personally own 11 trillion stars to yourself. Those are the ones we know about. We don't know about the ones that we don't know about.


Fourthly, there's gonna have to be organic evolution [origin of life]. Life has to get started from non-living material. Nobody has a clue how that could happen.


Five, Then we're gonna have to have what's called macro-evolution. That's where an animal changes to a different kind of animal. Did you know nobody has ever seen a dog produce a non-dog? Never! You may get a big dog, or a little dog, but you are going to get a dog every time. And it could be that the dog, the wolf, and the coyote had a common ancestor. I wouldn't argue about that , they probably did. But every five-year-old kid knows they're the same kind of animal. I'll show you. Is anybody in here five or six? Who is five or six years old? Anybody? Ok. How old are you, buddy? Six? I want you to take a test. Here we have a dog, a wolf, a coyote, and a banana. Which one is different than the rest of them?

The banana! Give him a hand! All right, very good! We have college professors who can't figure that out, ok! I'll tell you what I want you to do. When we are done, I want you to go out to the table out in the hallway, and you can pick out any free video or DVD you want, ok? We've got a bunch of videos and DVDs about dinosaurs and stuff out there. The Bible says the animals are gonna bring forth “after their kind.” (10x in Gen. 1) Now Charlie Darwin wrote a book on the table down here called, Origin of... Species. See, the dog and the wolf are the same kind of animal but different species. He fooled everybody by changing the word from kind to species. We'll get into more of that on video #4.


Lastly, we have what is called micro-evolution. This is changes within the kinds. Now that one happens. I'll go along with number six. I think animals can produce a whole variety of offspring, you know, long hair, short hair, long legged, short legged; that happens. But the first five are purely religious. That's not science. We never observe any of those!


So if you want to win the debate on evolution, simply define exactly what you are talking about. And you'll find all they ever give are examples of number six, which there is no argument about. It happens. But then they'll imply that that is somehow, magically, evidence for the other five. And it is not.


The teachers are taught though to be sure to “Stress to the students that the earth is billions of years old.” Make sure the kids believe this.

You know, I happen to be a little old fashioned. I think in science class, we should be teaching science.




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