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In our continued endeavors into seeking the everlasting gospel, sometimes flesh can creep into our studies unawares, and we can end up believing and/or teaching things that may not be completely inspired by God. As long as we are housed within flesh, and are fighting against a carnal mind, things of that nature can certainly happen. Paul knowingly affirms that we should "let God be true, but every man a liar − Romans 3:4b." And further says: "For if the truth of God hath more abounded through my lie unto his glory; why yet am I also judged as a sinner? − Romans 3:7." Implying that even though our intentions may be good, we still must contend with flesh, and we could end up saying things that aren't Godly truth . . . We must realize that even though the sacred text of the scriptures could never be improved or changed, flesh certainly can. This is why it's not a good idea to put-down somebody that hasn't obtained a truth when they are still growing into the stature of Christ. Nothing comes to any of us overnight. Yet, and to be honest, it's very difficult for a person to change their belief or doctrine when that person feels that it was the very breath of God that gave it to them to begin with. Or, it's difficult for many to admit that they had been wrong over certain matters. But, if we are versed enough, we should all agree that the scriptures have to be the final authority. So, with all that being said, let it be known that even I myself would be willing to change my mind on doctrinal beliefs if inspiration through the sacred text (with help of the Spirit of Truth) compels me to do so. I, like everyone else, am only human, and am apt to make mistakes. And, in so saying, I am also willing to listen to other angles to said scriptures (keeping an open mind), and will consider any sound, reasonable interpretation . . . But, I ask the reader to do the same with what I have written; to at least consider the words in this book (with an open mind, as well) before completely dismissing my thoughts if they do not synchronize with popular doctrine . . . However, all of what I have just said is not, by any means, an apology for the following text; but is, rather, a wake-up call to all of us who preach or teach the Word of God, to be as cautious as possible when saying: "Thus saith the Lord!" For, truly, explanations of scripture lean toward that idea. So, let me end this by saying: May God bless our thoughts, and give us unbiased truth! Amen.


− Ted A. Roberts

P.S. From 2018

It has been brought to my attention by a concerned reader, who has read a previous book of mine, that they got weary of certain phrases that I incorporated too often in their opinion; that is, phrases which I actually use quite often throughout my Teaching Series, and even make use of in this present volume. At the risk of tediousness, I will actually continue to do so in future, but I will explain why. When verbally teaching people about the Bible, and many times before I could get my main point across to them, I would oftentimes be interrupted with questions that led off onto some rabbit trails, off from the main subject at hand, because I would say things which got their curiosity up. Not saying it was bad to have been stopped, but because of this, and in anticipation of such questions, is one of the reasons that I have created the Explanatory Notes section for each chapter, which accompanies the main text, just so that I can try and cover every ground possible. However, knowing that I cannot answer all 'rabbit trails' with full, detailed answers (because the books will swell-up too much, and also because I will more than likely answer in detail in another book), I end up saying either "I will be answering this in full detail in an upcoming book," or, "I have already answered this question in full detail in my last book," which led this particular reader to frustration; because, as they put it, they wanted to read what was happening now, and not read about it in my next or last book. This Teaching Series, it must be understood, was created to build the basis of all my main beliefs, and cannot possibly be constructed within the confines of a single volume – else the book would be monstrously big (like a dictionary), or I wouldn't finish it until I was an old man! Therefore, I am trying to tackle this feat one subject at a time, while (as I had stated) anticipating reader's additional questions which lead off from the main topic at hand. If I believe I can answer that question within a reasonable amount of space, I do tackle it presently; but, many times, if the subject gets too long, and I know that I will be exclusively talking about it in another book, and with detail, I will let the reader know. Or, if I had already spoken about it previously, in another book, I will simply say so – since too much repetition of the same teachings would in and of itself be tedious, seeing as I would have to continuously explain the very same thing in every book that I write . . . These books really should be considered all one book, so each volume should be considered just different parts of the same book. Therefore, when I refer the reader to another for fuller details on particular subjects, it's just like telling the reader to go to chapter so and so for more details . . . Neither should referring my readers to my other books be looked upon as 'up-selling' for more money. As God is my witness, I've probably given away more books than I've sold! I'm not in this to make money, but to spread the Gospel; and, to be quite honest with my readers, I had to be talked into selling these books by several sincere ministers before making this available on the world-wide market – seeing as I was initially making copies of them at the local copy shop, and simply giving them away, whilst being out nearly 10 to 15 dollars per book! Seeing as I'm not well-off in finances (to say the very least), it really was a wise decision to publish these via a professional printing company to where it didn't cost me a dime to submit the electronic files, and to where the books are now professionally bound. Even though I still pay for copies to give them away to some folks, my cost per book has shrunk tremendously; and, other copies sold actually help me to do even this . . . Besides, if I were doing all this to get rich, I certainly wouldn't choose topics that probably irk most established doctrinal beliefs! That would be a very unwise business decision. So, I can't be accused of 'tickling people's ears' to get some extra sales.

Not only so, but please take note that, at my website – "SeekingTheGospel" – I am in the process of uploading all of my writings (which certainly will include all material from previously published books) so that one can simply read my words online without having to purchase these volumes; though, this will be a long process, for I've only a slight amount of spare time to do so. Also, take note that by purchasing a physical copy you are not only supporting this ministry for my continued efforts of teaching God's Word (and, assuredly, for me to purchase and give away other copies – for those who either can't afford to buy a book, or for those who wouldn't buy one but would perhaps read one if it's simply given to them), but, frankly – and, in my humble opinion – nothing really beats having a hand-held, printed book from which to read.

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