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HOW CAN YOU HELP SUPPORT "SEEKING THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL" MINISTRIES? . . . This is NOT a loud cry-out for money! If somebody feels led by God, then certainly they can give financially; but, there are other ways of supporting us that can be just as helpful . . . Please consider the following:


If you have a Facebook page, you can help us by simply liking and sharing our posts that have to do with this Ministry - namely, things that have to do with our Church in Arcadia, Florida, and the books in the "Seeking the Everlasting Gospel" Teaching Series (which books are found HERE on this website); or of other kinds of posts from us that express teachings from Jesus, etc . . . Our Facebook pages are both: and ; or, of our sister-ministry page SHADOW DWELLERS which is led by my wife Kimmy Roberts.


Certainly, one of the most effective and old-fashioned ways of getting word out is by doing so "word by mouth." Simply telling family and friends about this Ministry/Books could start a wildfire of interest ... Not only by mouth, but via the internet, too; in social media sites, etc.


Of course it will be of extreme value for someone to be able to purchase a book from the "Seeking the Everlasting Gospel" Teaching Series, on my official page at Amazon's website (Click Here!). If you are uncertain of how to go about this, you can always email us at , or message us at, or you can simply go to Amazon's website and do a search for my name (don't forget my middle initial: Ted A. Roberts), and also adding the book's name (my published books are listed HERE . . . Certainly, if a person is financially unable to purchase a book, we will do everything in our power to send them one anyway. The most important thing is that somebody gets to read them if they truly desire to. But, also, it's my goal to put the text of all my books on this website for those who (again) can't afford a copy, or who just simply like reading online more than a hand-held copy, or on their Kindle eBook device . . . For more information on how we're not here to make a profit, or lots of money, but merely to continue to support our efforts in this Ministry, please read the 2nd section (called: P.S. from May of 2018) on my page: An Important Message.

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